Mandarin Oriental Mayfair London has been completed and opened in Mayfair, the fusion of tradition and modernity in London, including the interior design by Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity.
Curiosity designed the hotel's entrance and lobby, reception, restaurants and spa, expressing the concept of "a hub of nature and art". The concept was inspired by the hotel's unique location at the intersection of Hanover Square and Brooke Street.


Coming from the glamour of Mayfair, walking through the gardens of Hanover Square and entering the hotel, a sense of continuity and satisfaction is created by the different elements of the design, evoking the energy and colours of the surrounding area.

A large sculptural lobby in the form of a green stone room immerses the visitor in a welcoming, calm and stimulating environment. The all-green, sophisticated entrance lobby envelopes guests in a comfortable cocoon for an added layer of privacy, where they can find sanctuary from the city. The welcoming salon, located in the 'greenhouse', is bathed in warm light and beige and camel leather. The simplicity and sophistication of the palette soothes the eye.
The floating artwork is created by Julia Clarke.


An iconic staircase of sculptural proportions connects the lobby level to the lower dining areas, with a continuous all-green world of sophistication.


The dining area is themed around the natural elements of WIND, WATER, FIRE and SALT.
In the WIND theme, the large open atrium is accentuated by a vortex, a large wooden sculpture that seems to fly above the dining area, suspended between the glass ceiling and the seating.
During the day, the generous light from the glass ceiling creates a sense of alfresco dining and courtyard, like sitting under large trees. At night, the Vortex becomes a different sculptural feature with changing lighting effects.
The bold abstract artwork on the back wall was created by Young Hee Back, mother of Chef Akira. Her work is also incorporated into the design of the door to the bar area, the ceiling of the main dining room and the private dining room.

The vortex embraces the generosity of the space, creating an environment that changes from every angle. Shadows, transparency, movement, tension and softness blend into an inspiring composition. Craft techniques and the play of natural patterns, visible from the staircase in the atrium, add a tactile layer that gives guests the feeling of an art installation inspired by light and shadow, movement and a sense of nature.


The theme of FIRE is expressed in the bar. Carefully hidden behind a wall during the day, it reveals itself at night. Highlighted by a bar in the centre, the space opens up under a shimmering bronze metallic ceiling that changes from different angles. The seating and lounges, in different shapes and proportions, add to the variety and surprise, emphasised by the variety of fabrics and colours.


The chef's kitchen is inspired by another element of nature: SALT. A mineral environment, a combination of textured surfaces patinated by nature, an effect reminiscent of the diversity of salt, the crystalline image translated into an artistic feature that embraces all the spaces in a suspended sculpture. Effects of reflection and refraction, the movement of the chefs in the kitchen, combined with lighting effects, stimulate the senses of visitors and translate the inspiring vision of Chef Akira.


Like the entrance, the spa opens onto a sculptural green stone reception area. The concept of the hotel is continued in the spa, which soothes the mind and pleases the eye: a combination of dramatic and welcoming scenes rhythm the space.


In the mist of nature: The pool area is identified with lights that seem to float in space, reflecting on the water surface and reflective walls, creating an emotional connection with an abstract nature. The iconic element within the space is the tiered pool, designed to evoke a journey. As you swim from one side to the other, the colour of the water changes: refreshing with a light blue on one side, soothing with a darker colour on the other. The dark tones and primitive palette of wood and stone textures create a connection with nature and the purity of materiality, balanced by the delicate tones of warm bronze and candle-like warm lighting. The contrasts bring the mind and body together. The treatment rooms extend the warm and relaxing feeling with a combination of natural materials and sequences that evoke the feeling of retreating from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Mayfair is a fusion of tradition and modernity as the classic buildings and streets are enlivened by the energy of the fashion brands and the vibrancy of the people. The hotel's unique location, at the junction of Hanover Square and Brooke Street, is a great source of inspiration.

Mandarin Oriental Mayfair London embraces these diverse aspects, bringing a sense of modernity and curiosity to the spirit of the place. In a constant dialogue between different expressions of nature, whether material or abstract, the theme of "a hub of nature and art" is created through lighting, materials, transparency, light and shadow, stimulating the senses and soothing the mind.