14 MAR, 2019




The new store invites a stunning century-old building in a dialogue between tradition and modernity. The unique new concept of the store is to create a “curated” space, where icons of Versace are inserted within. The palazzo becomes a stage highlighting the dramatic personality of Versace. The different rooms of the palazzo, each with its unique shape and configurations, gave the opportunity to create a specific site installation. The space reveals a series of surprising sequences where the products are staged to emphasis their character and uniqueness: each room is a story telling. The visitor is transported to choreographed spaces like a journey through the inspiring world of Versace. 5 “installations” were created to complement the Florence architecture.


The material palette is a reminder of the local architecture with the inlay pattern of the black and white stone of the façade. The gradual pattern emphasizing the verticality and modernity in contrast with the arched windows. The “Medusa” seems to appear from the depth of the stone, reminiscence of the mysterious history of Florence. The wood floor resembles pattern of sparks dashed from the center in a feeling of a refined traditional Florence interiors.


The floating gold sculpture suspended in the middle of the main room under the arched ceiling of the women's ready to wear collection.


The accessories room becomes a wall of bronze sparks from floor to ceiling and beyond. Like a huge jewelry that beautifies the architecture.


A unique salon in the middle of the space in a shade of blue from floor to ceiling with huge curtains that wrap the visitor in a velvet cocoon.


The men’s collection is presented in a large room like a bronze trunk placed under the arches and the medusa ceiling: Like a dream wardrobe the products are displayed in different configurations.


In a single stroke of bronze color, the private salon is the final piece of the journey, the heart of the store that shines with energy. The room is highlighted with a wall feature that presents few unique pieces accessories of the collection.