11 DEC, 2018




A new concept store of Versace just came out at Bal Harbour, the luxury shopping place in Miami, as the first store since launched collaboration between Versace and Gwenael Nicolas/Curiosity. The store is a journey to discover or rediscover the icons of the brand from a different perspective, which surprises the visitor through new and dynamic elements.


With black and white pattern, the facade is designed to capture the attention of the visitor and gives a preview of the vibrant interior.


After the entrance, a dynamic and symbolic gold pillar welcomes the visitor in dignified atmosphere.
The golden elements dialogue with the minimalist design of the displays, a shadow of different white textures and vibrates.


The store is designed like a flow to guide the visitor through the interior. The lozenge shape pattern choreographs the space in a series of sequence in which the visitor bounces fluently from one story to the other.


The ceiling, a delicate golden structure, runs through the space: the light shine from and with it and create visuals effect. Shadows, reflections and sparks become the texture and substance.
Dimmable LED light makes ceiling a seamless lighting feature as if the sun was shining through. Lighting is the main materials in the space.


Beyond a forest of vertical bronze strings, the shoes salon shows a beautiful contrast with the entire store. The space looks like a jewelry box in blue calcite with an amazing color that complements bronze finish.
The different material of the space fuses together through a controlled shadow projected on the walls.


The hyper graphical items of the brands like T-shirts and scarves will stand out with floating frame in front of subtle textured walls.
The display is designed carefully with limited palette of selected materials to bring the attention to the products.