29 JUL, 2022




Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity) designed a new furniture collection for Budri, which was exhibited at Budri’s showroom during the period of Milan Design Week 2022.


The collection, FRAGMENT, consists of coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, console, floor lamps, chandeliers, vases and partition walls with unique vibrant patterns on their surfaces. These iconic patterns are realized by Budri’s inlay technology, combining their numerous marble items.


FRAGMENT, the resource-friendly furniture collection, was created with revived marble pieces that had been stored in Budri. Curiosity designed the collection with full use of the continuous study for sustainability and Buri’s incredible technology of marble inlay and the genuine insight for marble and stone.


The idea reviving dormant materials in the stone company expresses their respect for natural materials. In the showroom filled with variety of beautiful marbles of Budri, FRAGMENT proves those natural materials will never end their lives, and the beauty will be alive eternally in different shapes.


FRAGMENT collection is not only a breakthrough idea for global issue but also an idea to discover another beautiful aspect of the luxurious materials without losing their value. Budri’s continuous dialogue with marbles and their genuine attitude for natural stones are revealed through the delicate expression. Budri’s absolute respect for the stones re-energizes the natural material, which will be conductive to the substance of sustainability.


Curiosity’s continuous research for sustainable methods collaborated with Budri created this collection, which will be the gateway for our new chapter to achieve an innovative design world, co-existing the aesthetics and sustainability without compromising.

Photo: Courtesy of Budri