5 JUL, 2022





A new product,”Kaminoshio”, designed by Curiosity has been launched, which offers Japanese traditional custom “morishio”in a modern approach.

In Japan, where people have belief for salt as the sacred power for cleansing and purifying through Shinto rituals since ancient era, salt has been used to remove spiritual dirt. “Morishio”, the custom making salt into small mounds in front of entrance doors of restaurants or houses, has traditionally been believed as pray for many guests visits and preserving indoor purification, which is continuously shown in the current life. In order to incorporate the tradition into current lifestyles with various forms casually, Kaminoshio is provided with contemporary glassware harmonizing into modern interior of living rooms or bedrooms, in combination with special salt that was produced from the deep sea nearby famous“The Ise Jingu”in Japan. Gwenael Nicolas curated the full set of the new style morishio with his interpretation and respect for the Japanese traditional culture, proposing pure, clean and timeless design sustaining over 200 years.


To highlight the sacred salt, Nicolas designed the clear square-shaped glassware with a hexagram-shaped dent symbolizing tranquility and harmony, inspired from natural environment. The unique form allows us just to fill salt in the dent, instead of building a mound in traditional style, which brings sophisticated and minimalist attitude fusing into the current interior and lifestyles yet evoking natural energy in our daily life. The updated style of morishio by stylish and effortless approach is expected as a conveyer of Japanese tradition to the future.

The Ise Jingu (The Ise Grand Shrine), located in Mie Prefecture of Japan, is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the sun goddess, which has been a valuable sanctuary for majority of Japanese. Kaminoshio is devoted to the Ise Jingu.


Curiosity also designed the logo for the product.

Product name: Kaminoshio
Distributor: HEARTH Co., Ltd.
Price: 22,000 yen (including tax in Japan)

PHOTO: Courtesy of HEARTH