8 JUL, 2022




Curiosity designed the capsule collection for Luxence, Luxury Living Group, leading manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture, which was unveiled at Salone del Mobile Milano 2022. The collection, SEIDO, expresses Gwenael Nicolas’philosophy about furniture that he has built through his various experiences as an interior designer.


Nicolas envisions the furniture pieces as sculptural objects that compose the space in a delicate balance between serene and stimulating, static and mobile. The name Seido is inspired by two Japanese words (sei)static and (do) mobile. The Seido collection for Luxence was created with this duality in his mind.

The collection proposes a variety of pieces, single and large sofas, low tables, dining tables, chairs and chandelier, stand lights and unique icons like rocking lounge chairs. Each piece triggers a sense of surprise and curiosity when encountered, revealing unexpected discoveries and interactions. A simple movement finally becomes ultimate comfort and fuses into modern luxury.


The duality is also expressed in the materiality, as each piece is a combination of different materials in a very graphical composition. The dialogue between the different pieces infuses energy and refinement in the collection:
light and bold, transparent and opaque, natural and crafted.


Mille perfectly embodies the ideas of the collection, bringing a surprising experience to the world of luxury furniture. Mille is a beautifully crafted daybed with the particular feature to swing like a rocking chair. The very thin legs add the effect of motion like in constant movement.


Volo was created as a strong architectural piece, like a paravent that wraps around a one-piece sofa: intimacy with character. The geometrical pattern laser-cut into leather, like a Moucharabieh, creates a mysterious feeling when sitting within the chair. The angled geometry infuses a sense of movement and dynamism in the interior.


The Somma table is designed to create a surprising effect as the table seems to open up in the centre, creating a new feeling in the interior. The light going through the glass enlightens the floor. The combination of glass and wood, opaque and transparent, rich and pure define the modernity of the piece.


Ardore chandelier was designed as a game, a piece that allows creativity within the interior. The mobile elements that can be adjusted will change geometry: horizontal in will be perceived as a modern and minimalist sculpture, and in motion become a decorative object, that suits the mood of the moment.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Luxury Living Group