11 MAR, 2020




We are pleased to announce the launch of an unique project “Sen resort” created and produced by Curiosity. “Sen”, meaning river, will be the stage where Japanese hospitality and its’ nature beauty come together to create art.

Curiosity is already known in retail design and aims for next opportunities and challenges with projects in the hospitality design with the passion and interests to cross border the creative world. The Sen Resort is still a vision and a conceptual project yet to be realized and its’ purpose is to expand the limit of hotels and show our philosophy of hospitality design. With this project, Curiosity aim to open unique possibilities with new partners to challenge existing ideas and ready to move to the next.

We welcome you to discover the world of “SEN” official website now open for a complete discovery of the resort.



The Sen Resort is a joy for the senses, welcoming guests with the beauty of nature. The bridge guides the guests to its entrance, instilling the sense that an extraordinary experience is about to begin.



They are designed to honor the surrounding nature, a truly Japanese concept. The centerpiece of the room is a sunken area that serves as a sofa area during the day and as the sleeping area at night.



The Sen Resort is an intricate collection of villas, each with specific functions and features. Tea rooms, lounges, and bedrooms can be booked in differing combinations to suit the needs of the guests. These villas connect through bridges that will appear from the water to connect the areas, depending on the selections made by guests.


Sushi Dining

Inspired by Edo period tradition, in which sushi was a type of fast food that could be easily eaten anywhere, guests will be able to enjoy eating fresh sushi by the river, surrounded by red maple trees in autumn, or near snow-capped mountains in winter.


Tofu Dining

A white work of art, beautiful and delicate, floating in the middle of the river, this location offers an opportunity to encounter tofu like it has never been experienced before.


Smoke Dining

Hidden within a grove of trees, smoke inspired architecture reflects the cuisine within. Glass walls, filled with moving smoke, surround guests, orchestrating a sense of delicacy and mystery. Within these walls, guests will be able to enjoy a unique Dining experience focused on smoked cuisine.


Cascade Bar

Water, whilst soft and malleable, can cut through mountains, leaving traces powerful, yet gentle. Guests can enjoy a drink in the presence of a powerful waterfall, a symbol of life and its intensity.



Enjoy a dip in the cool waters of the pool, a truly unique feature of the resort. The pool is located within the river, directly in front of a waterfall. The guests can enjoy the flow of the river, relax on the deck and enjoy being at one with the surroundings.


Spa Villas

The guest will experience a unique connection with nature. Hidden in the maze of the forest, the spa villas are small pavilions floating on the river. The space evolves during the treatment, slowly opening to reveal the scenery around.