18 APR, 2019




The flagship store of HIPANDA, the phenomenal street brand, opened in Omotesando, Tokyo, as its first store in Japan. It is a journey inside a futuristic space, where the world of digital and analogue fuses into immersive and inclusive total experience. HIPANDA brand is breaded from the world of art, where emotions and inspiration are infinite, the new retail experience brings together the world of art (emotion), fashion (passion), technology (curiosity) and architecture (beauty).

AR (augmented reality) and AE (augmented experience) technology and design combined with iconic and striking interior architecture. The “ghost house” is created as a series of sequences where the visitor is looking for the host of the house who invisible or suggested will be revealed and discovered through different experience and interaction. Some digital, some analogue. The story starts even outside the store as the facade logo is jumping outside with visual effects displayed through animations.

The world of digital offers limitless possibilities of information, but the real world embraces the senses of human being that create unique experience which can be appreciated by each individual on its way. The challenge of Curiosity was to bring street fashion into new territories, breaking the boundaries beyond culture, age and gender into an experiential space, accessible and inspirational for all, which redefines our expectation of retail experience.

Welcome to "HI" street fashion with HIPANDA!


The entrance of the store with an ever-changing character.


Entrance slope layered with digital animations.
The glass floor reveals a series of character scenes using AR devices.


The main room is a play of light in constant motion.


The frozen wall: mini sculptures of the panda are displayed in a fridge like icons.


Each space offers a surprising encounter: the fitting rooms become freezers.


Augmented experience:
The gallery space introduces the products in a constant movement, like continually changing presentation of the displays bringing attention to the collection.


The room walls half-mirror blur the perception between digital and virtual. The unique lighting creates a shadow-free interior like a digital image. Combined with AR, the two parallel worlds fuse into a dazing experience, as digital sculptures in motion appear in the middle of the rooms as well as pandas running from reality to virtuality.


The top floor is an art gallery installation and in the center - a ghost room with a shadow of the panda appears and disappears in a cloud of smoke.