4 DEC, 2017




The newly opened Dolce & Gabbana store in Old Bond Street is an ode to the city of London, which manifests extremities from royalty to punk; a sense of dignity and avant-garde. These senses are translated in the store through a monochromatic, yet simultaneously powerful and empowering poetic composition written in natural stone. Like an artist who would draw life-sized paintings, each room is a celebration of the beauty of nature. Twisted, curved and exploded, the stone creates unexpected compositions.


Energy from Old Bond Street flows freely off the street and into the space through a wide and welcoming entrance, whilst the warmth of the interior radiates outwards.


On the ground floor are the Women’s and Men’s collections, as well as a Millennials section that exhibits a more streetwear tone. The most striking feature is the black and white graphical stone that is sourced from all over the world. Running through the entire boutique, it feels like a powerful river carrying you from one space to the next.


Customers are led to discover the upper floors by climbing a curvaceous black marble spiral staircase, with individually hand-crafted and contrasting inlaid marble steps.


The first and second floors both feature a cubical space dedicated to the Fine Jewelry creations and entirely faced in book-matched marble. Both side of the room are set in mirrored walls that create an optical illusion of a room suspended in the middle of a river.


As an ultimate contrast to the dynamic of the natural stone, the products are displayed within minimally framed displays, like paintings floating in an array of diffused light. Italian walnut creates strength in the details of the displays.


Energy and light, features that always inspire the creators, is a key element of the space. Designed by Barbara Balestreri, the lighting gives the impression of floating within the boutique. All shadows are diffused or erased from the space, creating an osmosis between the environment and the visitor.
The ceiling fixtures developed with FLOS are reminiscent of an exploding chandelier frozen in time, with glass fragments scattered articulately over the ceiling.


The three upper floors are the most precious part of the building. A delicate oval stairway connects the spaces in an uninterrupted sequence of marble wedges that compose the pattern of stairs. Seen from above or below, the stairway conjures the impression of a silk ribbon.


The fully restored exterior façade preserves the Baroque forms of the building. It is characterized by a series of running balconies in dark wrought iron on the different floors embellished with gilded fittings.