24 MAR, 2011

Swarovski first fragrance"Aura"designed by Gwenael Nicolas

Swarovski will launch the first fragrance"AURA"in March 2O11, collaborating with Clarins fragrance group. Swarovski commissioned Gwenael Nicolas to design the bottle and the"AURA"collection.


Fragrance... make-up..."AURA"by Swarovski is much more than this; it is a new masterpiece of femininity and light, signed by Swarovski, the master of crystal. Designs by Swarovski illuminate women like a hidden spotlight, showcasing their natural beauty through the magic of crystal. Now, through fragrance and make-up jewels, a new story emerges, more mysterious than ever before, and more sensuous.

The Bottle
The Bottle

Tall, sleek, and extremely sophisticated, the flacon is almost completely concealed by the silver sheath of the lid, with its crystal-cut topper and genuine embedded Swarovski crystal. It's all at once intricate and simple, classic and very, very modern. It's like a miniature sculpture for the dressing table – a true objet d'art. A hint of the blushing pale pink juice peeks out from underneath the silver, lending a soft touch to the sharp lines of the bottle. A fusion of femininity and modernity, with a luxe touch of sparkle.

Nicolas says,"I wanted to create an object that is timeless, something which could have been in a palace in Vienna in the beginning of the last century, or could be the focal point in a modern loft in New York, or could be featured in a futuristic movie. This creation had to represent these types of simplicity, of obviousness, as well as a strong character that is unique and immediately recognizable."

Aura Crystal
Aura Crystal

A unique crystal shape was designed for the perfume, an asymmetrical shape, that reflects light into a spiral that disappears within the crystal.

Aura Collection
Aura Collection

The"AURA"collection is extended into different sizes, Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, bath line, jewels and a special crystal flacon of"extrait de parfum."

PHOTO BY Masayuki Hayashi
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