27 JUN, 2022




A new Graff boutique designed by Curiosity just opened in Casino De Monte-Carlo, following the brands’ Tokyo and Osaka flagship stores. A key destination for high jewellery, Monaco has been an important location for the luxury jeweller ever since it opened its first Graff store outside of the United Kingdom.
An opportunity to opt for a resolutely modern interior and style, yet respecting the Principality regulations of balancing well the design with the exterior historical façade of the venerable palace-like Casino, that is arguably the most famous building in the city.


The new boutique, designed by Gwenaël Nicolas, occupies a space that is as luxurious and welcoming with its bright interior.
Appropriate to a key destination of high jewellery, the store is the completely refined Graff diamonds world in the beautiful balance of classic exterior and modern interior, which offers a comfortable harmony, yet notably contrasting, when customers enter the store.


The bright white space welcomes the visitors in elegant atmosphere after entering through the grandeur, historical facade.
Marble flooring and special quartz stone envelope the perimeter floor, walls and ceiling by the continuous, refined, green lines.
Sophisticated white materials were used behind the display niches and custom chandelier boasts a large central part of the interior.


As the unique feature for Monaco store, a glass chandelier with delicate orchid-like, opal petals and transparent glass framework, designed by Curiosity and produced in collaboration with Lasvit, infuse sophistication and modernity into the space, which completes the impression of this store.


Once entering the space, the customers will be automatically guided to browse collections with distinguished white, immense displays, which focus immediately the customers’ eyes on the jewellery.


Updated from two flagship stores, the showcases are expanded to offer more variety of jewellery, carefully selected, with different collections displayed at the same time.


Through the luxury, refined main room, a darker tone, intimate VIP is visible in the perspective.


The VIP room, on the other hand, uses the green tones that are typical of Graff with modern twist of lighting, displays and the use of object-like, three-dimensional mirror.